All of the images on this website are the property of Kayleigh Gregory Photography.

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Contact Information

When submitting an enquiry to Kayleigh Gregory Photography you are asked to provide basic contact information, including the names of the wedding couple/portrait clients, a contact email address and a telephone number. Kayleigh Gregory Photography will endeavour to reply to your enquiry via email within 24 hours. If for any reason you do not reply to Kayleigh Gregory Photography's email response your email, all data held about you will be deleted one month after the initial email. If you have decided on another photographer please inform Kayleigh Gregory Photography and your contact information will be removed from our systems immediately.


Should you choose to take your enquiry further and book Kayleigh Gregory Photography to capture your wedding or other photography session, your personal data submitted on your first enquiry will be securely stored by Kayleigh Gregory Photography to ensure she can contact you in regards to her services and your requirements.

During the run up to the wedding or portrait shoot you will be asked to provide an email address, home address and telephone number for any correspondence to be sent to. This includes checklists, invoices and general organisation in regards to your photography booking. After the wedding your home address will not be stored unless needed for print orders.

Contracts & Agreements

Contracts and agreements made with Kayleigh Gregory Photography are stored securely for 7 years for tax purposes only. All names of any clients and one contact email are included on this document. You, the clients, also are provided with an exact copy of the agreement stored when booking for your records.

Third Party Companies

Under no circumstances does any third party companies have access to the data held by Kayleigh Gregory Photography. When viewing image galleries, email addresses are collected from all visitors. These are not used for marketing purposes, instead used only so Kayleigh Adams Photography to overlook who has access to each gallery in the interests of the client. All companies chosen by Kayleigh Adams Photography to store digital images or provide prints and albums are GPDR compliant and will only use your contact information shared for delivery purposes. 

Amendments to Information

If at any point you believe that the information Kayleigh Gregory Photography holds about you is incorrect, you can request to see this information and have it amended or deleted on request. Please contact Kayleigh Gregory Photography via email at info@kayleighgregoryphotography.com.

Storage & Delivery of Images

All delivered digital images are stored by Kayleigh Gregory Photography for a minimum of one year after delivery to the client; this is in the best interests of the client as in the event that they where to loose their digital media it could be easily replaced by Kayleigh Adams Photography. If for any reason you would not like Kayleigh Gregory Photography to store your digital files for a prolonged amount of time please email her at info@kayleighgregoryphotography.com and ask for all your digital media to be removed from her storage. Please be aware that if you request all digital images to be deleted they will be done so immediately and cannot be replaced. 

Promotion & Social Media

Kayleigh Gregory Photography uses images from previous weddings to promote her business on social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as in the form of blog posts as seen here on this website; without doing so other couples would not be able to view her work/portfolio before investing in her services. If for any reason you wish for the images to remain private please email info@kayleighgregoryphotography.com.